Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2 Big Days of Referrals!!

This month CCAA matched 2 days of files. It may not sound like a lot but I'm thrilled!! It wasn't that long ago that I dared to voice to a few friends that I believed it might take CCAA 2 months to get through March 7th purely because of the large number of files logged in that day. Not only did the match all of March 7th this month but they did the 8th too! And, to top it off some families with a LID of March 9th even received their referrals! Not all of March 9th, but some...and we'll take it! In the past CCAA has not matched partial days so not sure what this is all about but I do know that some wonderful little babies will be coming home to their families sooner than we originally thought! Perfect!!

2 days closer (as I'm choosing not to include the March 9th date in my calculations as it wasn't a complete day) and now there are only 15....count 'em f-i-f-t-e-e-n days between where CCAA is currently matching and when they get to my file! That's 10 fingers and 5 toes....and I'll take it!!

Add to this 3 wonderful bloggy friends receiving their referrals and it's been a GREAT weekend of happy family news!

Congratulations to Lisa and her adorable little Tate!

Simply T with cute as a button, smiley Emerson Grace!

and Pug Mama's beautiful, ready to roll baby girl!!

I've had the pleasure of meeting all these Mamma's in real life and I couldn't be more thrilled for them!!


  1. YEA.. 2 days..
    Love the girls.. they are sooo adorable..
    Lets hope that we hvae LOTS of days..

  2. There's barely anything left in that one cup!!! Yay!!!

    There were some seriously cute babies referred to your friends. Congrats to all of them.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wonderful News - two big days, Yay!!! The babies are just adorable - congrats to everyone.

  5. Hi Friend!!

    Yay!! Only 15 left!! You are so almost there!!

    By the way - I've been sending you e-amils and they keep bouncing back to me. What's the deal? ;)


  6. Most months I would be disappointed with only 2 days.....but not this month.... I was so happy to see these amazing ladies get their referrals......makes this wait worth every second!!


  7. So many adorable faces!!! Soon it will be you!!!

  8. Wow! Two whole days... one of which is that huge March 7th.... It keeps getting closer for you. I can imagine the single digit countdown!!!!
    And congrats to your friends on their referrals!

  9. Cruising on towards you own big day!!!

    Love all those babes :0)

  10. I really wish I had your optimism. It is exciting for all the families that have been waiting.

  11. I sooo love your joy and enthusiasm! Fifteen more, girlie...just fifteen more! Yippee - so happy for all the families doing the happy dance right now, can't wait til you join them! Happy Easter, Catherine.


  12. Hugs girl, Hannah is just around the corner!!!

    (ps I have a post about my baby monitor scheduled for Monday to you!)


  13. Just think, next Easter, you will have your little bunny with you, coloring eggs and hiding them, dressing her up in a pretty dress, getting her pic taking with some scary, big rabbit at the mall! I can hardly wait!!! (grin)

  14. Oh Catherine you are SO SO close, and I am just getting more and more excited!!! I can remember when those jars were REVERSED GIRLFRIEND!!!!!


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