Saturday, April 18, 2009

The End of Another Roll-Up Season

As roll-up seasons have come and gone, 2009 was a good year! Less purchased and more wins makes for a winning combination. I didn't even need to use the 'Whining Wins' category this year but did make a contribution to a friend's Whining Wins. Poor Jeff! ;o( Glad you enjoyed your coffee!

As for the contest at work, I tied for 2nd with MaryAnne! Yay! Not bad since in previous years the term 'bottom feeder' was often thrown my way. Please note, even though it appears Mark and Russ did not truly participate they did but sadly do not have an endless supply of caffeine located right behind their office building. Sadly we do....and we have the jitters to prove it!

Now, let's discuss Mike's win. Yah, yah, it's the second year in a row he's won. Blah, blah, blah! We were all disheartened by his walloping us for a second year in a row but when we walked him to his car all became clear. This is what we found!

Sad...yes, very sad!

Lest we get discouraged and think that winning cups don't really exist, I offer you 'Exhibit A' which is a real, live winning tab!! My friend Larry won a $100 Timmy's card...

...and has even received it! Way to go Larry! Maybe next year we'll let him in on our contest and maybe he'll be able to give Mike a run for his money?

Hmmm, just realized that during next year's contest I'll be on maternity leave with Hannah. (Wheeee!!!) Would it be a bad thing if one of her first words was 'Rr...Rr....Roll-Up?!!'


  1. I'm surprised Larry let you touch his Tim's card . . . I think those kind of winnings are quite rare. Way to go Larry!

    I think next year's gonna be your year Catherine! :)


  2. Hey there,

    I think it would be a great first word, as long as she doesn't get addicted to coffee or timbits. hehehe

    But that means, MATERNITY LEAVE!!!! WOO HOO!


  3. Love the fun stuff you do!

    Keep smilin!

  4. You crack me up with your anual Roll-up results.

    I won a free coffee the other day but forgot and accidently threw the cup out. It's called mommy-brain.

    Just wait - you'll see!!

  5. I love your graphics for this fun!!! lol

    I had one timmies coffee this year during roll-up and it was a winner!! A donut!!

  6. Wow thats a lot off coffee cups, I think we would all be embarrassed if we all kept our cups for 1 month and then had a look! Larry was the 'donator' of a few of my whiney wins in addition to his $100 card..hehe I only won about 4times, the rest Robert and Larry gifted me likely just to get me to shut up, but hey I was grateful :)

  7. LOL, really a real live person won something more than a coffee?

    Sad to say I usually only drink a coffe a day but when Tims has the roll up the rim I look for any excuse to get another one. If I roll it before I finish drinking starts to taste bad...funny hey?

    Hope all is well Cathrine, just poping over to say hi. I remembered your LID was in March butcouldn't remember the exact date. Hope the days of referrals swiftly pass and Hanna will be in your arms at last.


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