Monday, December 08, 2008

'Half Fraternal ~ Half Not'

Some have commented on the matching outfits that the girls wear. They love to wear matching outfits so each year Sharon and I enjoy shopping for these together.

She and I laugh as the girls say with confidence that they're twins....half fraternal ~ half not! They don't understand yet that this is an impossibility but it sure does make adults smile when they ask if they're twins and the girls answer this way!

As we shopped this year we couldn't help but wonder if this will be the last year that the girls will want matching outfits? Next year they'll be 10 and 11 so may be past the matching outfit days. I'd dreamed of the day that all 3 girls would be wearing matching/coordinating outfits but that may not happen. Oh problem! ;o) (That one's for you Sharon) It will be exciting just to have all 3 girls together next Christmas! Hannah may spend an afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa when we go out for our Christmas theatre outing as I'm guessing she'll be a little young to sit through an afternoon in the theatre. Oh well, we'll pick her up for supper and enjoy time together then.

I CANNOT wait to see all 3 girls together. Rebecca and Victoria are SO excited about Hannah's arrival next year and one of their favourite things to do is to go through the clothes in her closet and talk about dressing her in their favourite outfits. Hmmm...they're not sold on messy diapers yet so mommy will happily take care of those!

Signing off....the Auntie of twins...half fraternal~half not!


  1. They are just the sweetest and cutest duo. I hope they stay that way and stay as good of friends always.

    Keep smilin!

  2. Very cute! With four sets of twins in our lives (half adopted from China), plus the Tongginator's godmother being a twin, the Tongginator is obsessed with all things identical, mirror and fraternal. Alas, she had to console herself with creating imaginary twins Robbie and Tawby.

  3. Oh that's so cute. What great memories you're creating with these girls.

    As far as a twin for Hannah goes, couldn't we make her a twin with our next little one? Although I suppose it wouldn't be as easy to find matching outfits for a boy and girl . . . and I'm not sure if they'd find it as fun as we would! :)


  4. They are too cute and maybe even if they are not so inclined they will dress alike for Hannah and her mommy's sake next year.

    Or perhaps instead of matching outfits you could do coordinating - Gymboree and Hanna Andersson are great places for that.

  5. It's amazing to think that Hannah will finally be here in the coming year. The girls must be beside themselves (not to mention mommy)! And who knows... they may indulge the matching outfits just for you...


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