Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Tradition with the Girls

For the past 5 years Sharon and I have celebrated a special Christmas theatre outing with my niece Rebecca and her granddaughter, Victoria. Yesterday we continued the tradition with a performance of Hansel and Gretel. It was a fun afternoon and a wonderful way to continue the tradition! (Victoria - left and Rebecca - right)

A walk down memory lane....
2004 - Aladdin

2005 - Disney on Ice

2006 - The Nutcracker

2007 - Disney Trip!!

I am SO thankful for the friendship that God has given Rebecca and Victoria! After we dropped Grazzlefama off (the girl's nickname for Sharon) we headed home for some baking and painting fun followed by a sleepover. Here are a few more pics.

Cookie decorating

and eventually....sleep! Another day of fun to tuck away for future smiles!


  1. HOW FUN!!!!
    Looks like the girls had a Wonderful time..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. What sweet, sweet memories and neices you have.

  3. What amazing memories. You are one SPECIAL Auntie....:-)

  4. Adorable pictures Cathy! So very sweet. How blessed Victoria and Rebecca are to have such a special friendship...a treasured the one you and I share!

    Have a great day,
    Love ya,

  5. What a great tradition! The girls have grown into quite the young ladies :0)

  6. It's wonderful of you to have created so many great memories for the girls. I noticed they are dressed alike in the pictures...Does someone make the outfits or do you guys shop together? Your little one will be so lucky to have such sweet girls to teach her all the tricks and love her

  7. What a wonderful tradition. One that creates such special memories.

    I love that the girls have matching outfits!

    Keep smilin!

  8. Gosh... you've got to be darn close to being the world's coolest Aunt! Do you ever get tired, 'cause I do just reading about all the things you do with the girls!


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