Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mail that Gave Me Goosebumps!!

This first pic dates back to the early summer but due to the awful paperwork challenges my friends in the US were facing I didn't have the heart to post it. Now that the I800/I600 matter seems to be corrected I wanted to share a couple of really exciting pieces of paper I've received over the past few months. Who knew that 'paper' could be exciting?

In July I was advised that Ministry Approval had been granted and I now have until June of 2010 to complete Hannah's adoption. I believe she'll be home long before then but it sure is a great feeling to know that the extension was granted. (When I first started her adoption the provincial approval to adopt was for 18 months so with the delays I needed to update some paperwork and reapply to the ministry twice for reapprovals.) I tell you, there is nothing like reading, 'Once the adoption is finalized, 'ON' legislation recognizes the child as a full member of the adopting family and as such the child is treated in the same manner as all other children of legally constituted families.' Sweet, sweet words during this time of waiting.

Another exciting letter to receive was my agency's recent update letter which always includes a list of families who have their files in China. Check out whose travel group is at the top of the list!! Yes...our LID group is the next one for our agency! Wheee!!! The VERY NEXT time Deborah calls families with their referral calls, one of those calls will be placed to ME!!! It still looks like it's going to be April or May of 2009 when she makes those calls but regardless I'm super excited to see my name at the top of the list!!

Speaking of referrals, the next batch is anticipated to arrive within the next week or so. Bring 'em on!! Friends are very close and will be receiving their referrals this time so I'm ready to celebrate with them!


  1. Paperwork can be sooooo exciting sometimes!!! :)

    We are so excited to receive our finalized adoption papers anyday from our social worker too!! Probably the best papers ever to come in the mail for us as well!!!

    Can't wait to see your precious Hannah!!! :) Soooooo wonderful!!!

  2. Cathy, I got goosebumps too reading this!! Celebrating with you! You have been waiting so patiently, and with so much joy and enthusiasm as you've encouraged others along the way. Little Hannah is already so blessed.

    Love ya,

  3. Oh, how exciting must make things seem so much more real! Your precious Hannah is probably already born and waiting for you to love her up!

  4. I like the sound of that pink paper.

  5. Oh my goodness Catherine, that is awesome.


  6. Wow - that is exciting news. I am still keeping my fingers crossed for BEFORE May for you.

  7. Well this post gave me MAJOR goosebumps!!!

  8. Oh My Goodness!!!!
    What exciting news!!!!
    There really is an end to this tunnel. I am so very happy for you!!

  9. Wow Catherine so exciting!! Like Joy said you have been so patient, I dont know if I could be so strong! You are gonna be an awesome Mommy :)

  10. How terrific to be at the top of the list....very exciting!!

    Bring on those referrals!!

  11. The things that send us into fits of happiness!!! Paperwork being one and I am so happy for you that all is in order.

    How thrilling is it to know that your group is next!?!? WOW WOW WOW!

    Keep smilin!

  12. Yay - great news. I still can't believe how close you're getting! It's right around the corner now.


  13. Reading your blog brings back wonderful memories of the excitement of my referral. Congrats on the new paperwork and thank you for letting us share in your excitement.

    Kind regards from Miami,

    Carol and Taylor

  14. YEA!!! Catherine AND Hannah anther step closer to meeting! Doing the Happy Dance for you in MT.

  15. Great post Catherine. It's good to share positive updates on China with your readers. Hope you have a fun Halloween.


  16. Woohoo for those important papers!!

    Catherine, if it is any encouragment, I had a ladybug land right on my shoulder last week, then I read your post...your sweet Hannah is almost ready to come home to Mommy's open arms:)


  17. Oh I am celebrating with you, I know how through this journey any little piece of paper can be so exciting and so encouraging!!!



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