Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Secret Pal Strikes Again!

I want to say a huge THANK YOU for March's gifts and apoligize for taking so long to post here. Life just seems to be crazy busy right now and sadly my blogging is taking a beating.

I absolutely love all the adorable ladybug and panda things you found for Hannah and I last month! Hannah rec'd an adorable, cuddly panda, Fisher Price panda with moving feet (I know...because I've played with it! :o) and child chopsticks that are joined at the top! SP - I've looked for months for children's chopsticks - Thank you!!!

As always, my thoughtful SP remembered Mommy too. Bright, fun tea towels with spring flowers and ladybugs, some beautiful stories of pandas and ladybugs as well as tissues with ladybugs that are just too cute to use! And lastly mmmm....chocolate!! I'm not sure if that's for baby or mommy but since it won't make it through the weekend I'll say it's for mommy! LOL!

Thanks again SP for your always thoughtful and special gifts. Even the box they came in was dressed up with pandas and ladybugs.

You are so kind and Hannah and I so appreciate your generosity.


  1. Oh!...what wonderful gifts! You have a great secret pal!

  2. You have one of the best Secret Buddies!!! I love the panda's!! Now you need the train for the one panda...its great!!

  3. Great gifts!! What a wonderful Secret Buddy.



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