Sunday, October 30, 2005

Scrapbooking Weekend with Friends!

What a wonderful weekend it was! On Friday afternoon Tina, Liane, Deb and I hit the highways and headed to Tina's parent's cottage located north of Belleville, Ontario on a beautiful lake. We arrived after dark so had no idea what delights awaited us when the sun rose! It was positively breathtaking! A weekend of scrapping with friends is always a treat but to have the added bonus of looking out at God's beauty in full colour was amazing! This was the view we had from the front window of the cottage! We sat at tables in front of the picture window facing the scene above. Can you even imagine? How did we ever take our eyes off this scene to scrapbook?

What was quickly displayed to us this weekend was how quickly things can change in 24 hours! Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful sunny days with a light breeze Saturday and a little more Sunday. What was evident was that this was the last weekend when the trees would be holding their leaves this fall. It's time to let go which means winter is on it's way. The pictures below were taken of the same tree only 24 hours apart!

Belive it or not, we accomplished a lot of work on our scrapbooks. I think we may have chatted just a bit too and oh yah, maybe ate enough for, hmmmm...a dozen people! All these things just seem to go hand in hand on a girls weekend!
You may notice that my picture is missing from here. Why? Well, truth be told it was 2:00 in the afternoon and I was still in my PJ's! Didn't get dressed until later in the afternoon when we went for a beautiful, fresh fall walk. We're all looking forward to when we can do this again and are hoping to make it an annual event!


  1. what a wonderful place to go. I finished up a late night of scrapbooking yesterday but I tell you what- I wasn't surrounded with such a beautiful place to do it in. How inspiring! I just looked through your blog and I think will are kind of on the same timeline for China. best of luck to you throughout your journey!

  2. Wow, how much fun did you have? PJs until 2pm. Great setting!


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