Thursday, June 28, 2018

Last Day of Grade 3

It’s hard to believe that Grade 3 is already complete for Hannah!  How can that possibly be??

Jun 28a

This picture was from her first day in September 2017.  (Mommy is missing those sweet baby teeth!)


Hannah has been beyond blessed to have the same teacher for both Grades 2 and 3.  We love you Mme N and will miss you so much! 

Jun 28c

In these pics you can really see the changes as it was taken her first day of Grade 2 in September 2016. 

IMG_2034 - Copy


Hannah was in a great class in Grade 3

Jun 28d

Praying she will have at least 1 of these special friends with her in Grade 4!

Jun 28e

Hannah you are doing so well in school and mommy is so proud of you!  Enjoy your summer vacation!  You deserve a wonderful break from school.

Jun 28b

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