Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jun 2018 This and That

Here are some odds and sods of our June activities.

LOL!  Hannah found out the hard way that it’s important to leave the beaters deep in the mixing bowl.  Isn’t she the cutest?!!

Jun a

Her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes still melt me every single day!

Jun b

Disney dress-up is always in order in our home.

Jun c

Jun d

I work with the best people!  These 3 fun guys are the ones I go for coffee with.  I’m reminded it’s time for coffee either by the faces in the window

Jun e

or, this!!  They make me laugh every-single-day!!!

Hannah worked really hard to prepare for her Level 1 Royal Conservatory piano exam and she did great!

Jun g

Benjamin’s birthday party where we saw, ‘Incredibles 2’.  Happy 10th Birthday Benjamin!!

Jun h

Occasionally I need to work overtime.  Hannah loves it when she gets to come to work with Mommy!  The funny thing is that at one time I had to go discuss something with a co-worker and probably left my office for about 5 mins.  I came back to find her checking out the snacks that I’d ‘possibly’ stored in my overhead.  I asked if I’d left the cabinet unlocked and she giggled and said, ‘No!  I found your hidden key!’  LOL – So much for my safe hiding spot if my 9yo can find it in mere minutes!

Jun i

Spring term gymnastics graduation

Jun j

Jun k

Jun l

When the boss is away I’m the one who convinces the fill-in that it’s our team’s tradition to go out for ice cream the Friday afternoon before a long weekend.  (Ummm…maybe we’d only done it once but I think this second time makes it an official tradition!  Yes – I am the trouble maker at work! Open-mouthed smile)

Jun m


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