Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Disney 2018 ~ Magic Kingdom, Day 2, Part 2

After enjoying a great day at the Magic Kingdom we took a friendship boat to the Polynesian Resort to ‘Ohana, one of our favourite places to eat!  Their food is delicious!
Umm, I’m pretty sure we won’t go hungry and could possibly eat for an entire week with the amount of food they brought to our table! Surprised smile  There is a large wood fire grill in the centre of the restaurant and they bring giant skewers of chicken, steak and shrimp to your table throughout dinner.  ‘Ohana is one of our new favourites that we now book each trip.
Noodles anyone?
That’s better!  My beautiful girl.  Oh how I love her!!
Hannah also enjoys the coconut races at ‘Ohana.  Love the extra activities offered at many Disney restaurants.

We also decided that this would be the day that we celebrated Hannah’s 9th Birthday so when they asked for birthdays she went up.

After our delicious supper we wandered around one of the stores at the Polynesian that Hannah enjoys browsing through.  From there we headed back to the Magic Kingdom with plans to see Happily Ever After since we had missed it Sunday night due to rain.
We had an opportunity to go on a few rides and then staked out spots for the castle projection show, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and the new fireworks and projection show, ‘Happily Ever After’. 
A friend loaned Hannah this coat and it was perfect for our trip.  It bundled into a tight little package and weighed next to nothing but it was warm when she needed it.  Thanks so much Liz and Ava!  I want to keep an eye out at Costco to pick one of these up for Hannah next year.
The projections on the castle are nothing short of spectacular and SO detailed!  I had purposely not watched the shows online as they were both new in 2017 and I’m so glad I waited!!
Although we hung out in the hub for a while waiting for the crowds to thin, one glance behind us let us know getting anywhere fast wasn’t going to happen.
It was easy to decide that now was the perfect time to surprise Hannah with her early gift that I had been planning for her for the past number of months….a Pandora bracelet.  Buying it at Disney with her first charm being from there was an easy decision.  And she quickly knew exactly what charm she wanted too!
Cinderella’s Castle…..perfect for my Disney loving girl!!
Happy 9th Birthday Hannah!  Mommy loves you sooooo much! Red heart

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