Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Disney 2018 ~ Magic Kingdom, Day 2, Part 1

We were excited to enjoy a second day in the Magic Kingdom (MK)!  There is so much to do in the MK that one day isn’t near enough for us.
It was a chilly morning but we weren’t wearing winter coats so we were excited.  Hannah decided to use some of her spending money to purchase these cute new ears.  The bows are interchangeable so if she wants to purchase other bows in the future she can.
This left her silver ears up for grabs so mommy was happy to wear those.  Love how Disney offers everyone the opportunity to be a child again!  Yup, works for us!

A trip (or 3) on the People Mover is a must every single trip! 
I’m hoping that once Tron is open in a few years that the People Mover will be rerouted through that attraction!
Hannah has often looked at the personalized parasols that can be created and this time she decided to buy a little one.  So cute!
Hannah’s snack of choice is the dole whip and I decided to try a citrus swirl.  The ice cream was a tangy treat but I wasn’t crazy about it being served with orange soda.  Next time I think I’ll just stick with the ice cream in a cone or dish. 
Each trip there are a few rides that Hannah considers trying.  Most times she decides to pass and that’s just fine with me but this time she was ready to take on a new adventure!  (LOL – I don’t think it hurt that her 5yo cousin rode it last September and she was not going to be outdone! Winking smile)
Space Mountain, here she comes!!!  Check out that confidence!
And, she never looked back!  I was concerned as this is a roller coaster completely in the dark but she loved it!
Another new thing we tried this time was, ‘A Pirate’s Adventure ~ Treasure of the Seven Seas’.  We picked up a map in Adventureland which led us around the area.  Using our MagicBands we found secret hidden treasure locations where her MagicBand would do cool things like shoot off a canon or cause buried treasure to be revealed.  Lots of fun and another new way for us to enjoy park time!
After our treasure hunt we were off to ‘Ohana to celebrate an early 9th birthday for Hannah.

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