Sunday, April 01, 2018

April Adventures 2018

Photo wrap-up of April.

Hannah and I suited up in our Toronto Blue Jays to celebrate the beginning of a new season!


The children’s choir at church led us in worship one Sunday morning.  (LOL – not sure if they’re serious or scared! Winking smile)


Piano practice.   Too much piano practice according to Hannah.


Sometimes Hannah thinks Mommy ‘helps’ a bit too much with her practices.


After hitting the big 5-0 a couple of years ago the doc was giving me those little kits to take ummm….’samples’ and mail in.  I asked for a new one this year but he had other plans!  ACK!!   The prep….IMG_1546

A great co-worker shared what to expect and honestly it wasn’t bad at all.  Honestly, the worst part of the entire test was the hunger the day before!

Bottom’s up!  Winking smile


The best part of this entire thing was waking up as they were preparing to roll me out of the procedure room to hear the doctor say, ‘See you in 10 years!’  Yay!  All clear and very thankful as colon cancer runs in my extended family.

Friends came for a visit later in the month and we enjoyed an afternoon with the Harlem Globe Trotters!




They were saying we were in for a bit of an ice storm but being that it was late in April I was skeptical.  Oops!  I was wrong, wrong, wrong!  I will drive in just about anything but ice scares me so we spent a couple of quiet days at home.  Everything was cancelled, even church for only the 2nd time in 90 years.


Thankfully we didn’t lose power so we enjoyed extra time together baking and playing games.  It was a treat to spend this extra time together!!


April is also International day at school for Hannah.  Looking so sweet.  Not sure how long she will want to wear her Chinese dresses to school so cherishing these moments while I have them!



Although Hannah was still within the requirements of her car seat with the 5 point harness it was time to move her into the same seat in booster style.  One final pic of the 5 point.


The end of April also brings on the release of Disney’s Free Dining for the fall.   Normally the date of the release gets hinted at but we don’t know what time it will drop.  Since I normally have a number of trips to book for family and friends (and this year for us) this is what my phone looks like the night before the release.  Sleep?  Who needs sleep?  There are Disney trips to book!!


Thankfully it was all worth it when I saw this over and over again.  Woot, woot, 4 Free Dining trips successfully booked in about 90 minutes.  A good morning’s work…and then it was time to go to my real job for the day! Open-mouthed smile


By the end of the month we were more than ready to say goodbye to the snow and colder temps.  You know we’re done when you find us shoveling snow onto the road to melt.  Bring on spring!!


And finally, badminton.  Wonder if I’ll be able to win a game or 2 this year??


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