Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hannah’s 9th Birthday!

Hannah celebrated her 9th birthday late in February!  (No, we are not mentioning or discussing the rumour that she will be in double digits next year!  La la la la la….I can’t hear you!)


The weekend before her birthday was a weekend of celebrations starting with her birthday party with friends at a local pottery painting store.    Hannah truly does have a wonderful group of friends!  So thankful for these girls!


Hannah and her cousin Makenna.  They are the best of friends!


The girls’ creations turned out so well! 


The party hosts at the pottery place helped Hannah create this beautiful keepsake plate. 


It has her handprint in the centre and the fingerprints of each of her friends around the outside.  A treasure for sure!


After we left her birthday party with friends we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a family birthday party.  Mommy totally forgot to take family pictures.  D’oh!!



The following afternoon we celebrated her 9th birthday with Nana and Papa!





My sweet 8 yo who would wake up (lol….earlier than I’d anticipated!!) as a 9yo!


Hannah woke up at 4am and then was too excited to go back to sleep!  What’s one to do when you’re open at 4am on your birthday?  Why, open presents of course!!  Her eyes about popped when I asked her if she wanted to open her presents in the middle of the night!  Smile



Hannah’s final birthday celebration was supper at her favourite restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa on. her birthday



Happy 9th Birthday Hannah!  You are loved by so many and are such a blessing to us all!  WE LOVE YOU!!! xoxoxoxo



  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! How in the world is she nine? Yikes!! Love the plate from the pottery painting store. The girls' creations were amazing!

  2. Hannah is getting more beautiful everyday. I miss your posting. I've been following since before she came home. Do you Instagram?
    God Bless you !

  3. It looks like her birthday was a great one! 9?! How in the world?! To me, she & Marin are both forever frozen as pre-schoolers sharing popcorn at Disney! 😭 Pass the tissues please! LOL

    1. Wasn't that just yesterday?? Wahhhh! They're growing up too fast!!

  4. I lost track of your blog when Hannah started school, after following your journey for years. I cannot believe she's already 9! It looks like she had an amazing birthday :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Hannah! Catherine, I met Nanna Sharon at MBC this summer, and recognized her immediately. I actually decided to be brave and chatted to her! What a lovely lady. Apparently we missed each other by a couple days! Anyway, I mentioned to her I read your blog and am also a local single adoptive Mum. I'd love to be in touch. I don't blog anymore about adoption - I used to blog daily pre-adoption and ran an adoption blog for years (aspecialfamily), then well, life and kids and somehow I got out of the habit.
    Anyway, I'd love to be in touch! Also, apparently we worked in the the same city! Small world!!

  6. Can't remember if I said Happy Birthday to Hannah! So here it is again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!


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