Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Visit to an Amish Village

Saturday morning after taking Nana to work, Hannah, Papa and I drove back to The Amish Village that we’d noticed the previous evening.  IMG_3598

We enjoyed a quiet morning there touring an Amish home, schoolhouse and more.  Our tour guide was a sweet Mennonite woman who had grown up Amish as a child.  IMG_3577

It was so interesting to learn much about the Amish lifestyle and their homes.  I was surprised to see a mixer similar to a Kitchen Aid in the kitchen.  She said that some families have gas generators to help with chores in the barn and families run air compressors from that and then power appliances such as mixers and fridges with air.  I thought that was neat!

When we left the home there was a barn with animals that could be fed.  Hannah was all over that.IMG_3579

One of the things we’d hoped to do this trip was take a ride with a horse and buggy.  This was as close as we got but it’s something fun to look forward to another visit.


One room schoolhouse.IMG_3589

Hannah looked so sweet sitting in this little desk.  They had some basic sentences on a paper on the desk and she was able to read them with a little help.  We are having such fun with her reading!IMG_3591

(The teacher at the schoolhouse gave us directions to quaint Amish bookstore called ‘Gordonville Books’.  We visited there after leaving here and I couldn’t believe how many wonderful books they had and such great prices too!  I purchased some pre-readers featuring ‘The Bobbsey Twins’ as well as a hard cover compilation of the ‘Dick and Jane’ stories I learned to read with many, many years ago!  Hannah is thoroughly enjoying them and we read them almost daily.)

Although we didn’t seen any of the infamous covered bridges that are scattered throughout the Lancaster area, we did walk through this little one at the village.IMG_3593

It was such a treat to learn more about the 30,000 Amish people that live in the Lancaster area.  After leaving the village we went our for a drive.  I know they don’t like people to take their picture so I respected that but I wish I’d caught a horse and buggy from that back after it passed by.  One thing we did see were these farm houses with huge lines of laundry drying in the wind.IMG_3599

My sweet little Amish girl!IMG_3575

If you have the opportunity to visit Lancaster, PA, please do!  It’s a picturesque area filled with beautiful people.  Hannah and I visited a farmer’s market in the afternoon and that was a neat experience too.

Lancaster – we’ll be visiting again for sure!


  1. Loved loved loved looking at your post. We lived in Lancaster for 5 years before moving here and miss it so. We had Amish neighbors on each side of our neighborhoods. Very friendly people and awesome bakers. Thanks for sharing your time.

  2. Catherine, hi! I chuckled at your comment about summer practicing. I had almost added a P.S. to the post about how we are still practicing over the summer! Golda is preparing for a solo recital and all of our teachers are still teaching. We will take some time off in July, though. I think everyone needs a break at some point. Anyway, for now, practicing is still in full force! :)


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