Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Word…Family

(There are a number of posts for 2011 that I still have to create before printing our annual book so for the next bit you’ll find some older posts coming up.  Hopefully that means I’ll finally find time to finish our Disney posts from August!!)
The week following Christmas we were blessed to travel 5 hours away to spend time with our extended family.  These are precious people in our lives who mean so much even though we only see one another a couple of times each year.  Family = blessed!
When we get together with my cousins and their children it is a sea of little ones and Hannah is in there with the rest of them!  I love to see her playing with her cousins!  Have you ever tried to get 22 kids to look at a camera at the same time?  Smile  This was the best we did…not bad!IMG_4065
Can you hear right through the pic the amount of noise these kiddos were able to make?  SO much fun!  I love how close in age my cousins children and Hannah are! 
This pic just made me laugh!  Look what happened when we opened the box of chocolates!  Some serious chocolate selections for sure!IMG_4074
Many dress-up layers happening here.  Her friends Ro and Ree would be proud!IMG_4076
I’m so thankful for our family both near and far!


  1. Happy 2-2-2 day (2 years, 2 months, 2 days)!

    You and Hannah are so blessed to have such a large family. It's so wonderful that Hannah has cousins her age to play with. Charlotte just had a sleepover with my sister's youngest daughter who is 8 years old--Charlotte kept demanding that her cousin "share," but she wasn't so willing to practice the same lesson.

    We're looking forward to a play date sometime soon (nana is still in the hospital).

    Take care,

  2. That is a lot of kids!!

    So glad that Hannah has so many cousins in her life.

  3. I just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

  4. Surprise, surprise! 3 of the kids fighting for food belong to me!!


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