Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Grandpa’s Girls

On Sunday as we were waiting to open gifts as a family, Dad called out to us to come and bring our cameras. 

When we arrived in the family room he told us that he was already holding his gifts and that he needed nothing more.


It wasn’t until after I’d snapped the pic that I remembered this very same one being taken just 2 short years ago.  Imported Photos 00041How can time move so quickly?  Slow down!  Slow down!!!

(I’d forgotten how round Hannah’s face was then compared to now.  She still looks very much the same minus *sniff* the ‘baby’ look and yet the shape of her little face is different.)


  1. So sweet! Amazing how fast the time goes...Merry Christmas to you and your little sweetie :)



  2. beautiful girls, beautiful photos, beautiful memories with their Grandpa.

  3. So sweet! Time moves altogether too quickly for my tastes, as well. Sigh. At least we can honestly say we soak up the moments and don't take a thing for granted.


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