Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hannah’s Current Theme Song: The Climb

One of Hannah’s current favourite things to do is to climb. No longer is running around exploring her world at ground level good enough for my baby girl. It’s up, up, up for her and anything she can find to assist her to get higher is fair game.

One day I ran to the garage to turn on the sprinkler. When I returned she was on top of the kitchen counter!! Uh oh! P7230491

We’re working on not going on the counter but of course before doing that Mommy had to catch it on video. Check out the gleam in her adorable little eyes! She’s so proud of herself!!

Many of her toys are being used as stepping stools too.

Imported Photos 00249

Imported Photos 00001 Imported Photos 00002 Along with this new desire to climb up is the interest in standing up in her high chair and sitting on the tray too. She’s really steady up there so I’m not nearly as concerned now as I used to be when she does this. I try to use the belts whenever she’s in there but as you can see that’s not always the case. Imported Photos 00025


Imported Photos 00056

Even climbing on top of her little friends is not out of bounds for my baby girl! Imported Photos 00392

Guess we need to work on this climbing thing some more!


  1. It seems like forever since I left you a comment. Man, is Hannah getting BIG!!! She is just beautiful!!! Looks like you got your hands full with the climbing. LiLi was like that too. She still is!

  2. if she is anything like my girls...the climbing is just "in" her. of course, you want her to be safe, but buckle up b/c i STILL have not gotten the climbing out of mine.

    hannah is adorable!!! i love watching her grow.

  3. My daughter was a climber. One day, I went to the bathroom and when I returned she was sitting on top of the stove. I about died and learned a good lesson about not leaving her alone for a minute.
    Hannah will learn but it is hard now that this is such a new trick and she wants to practice.
    I just love keeping up with her growth and development. My heart broke when you had to go back to work but it looks like it is working out just fine.

  4. Oh, my... she IS a climber, isn't she? The Tongginator was never a climber, but oh my lands did my nephew climb everything he could find. He's ten and still like that. Heh.

  5. Oh that poor boy! Hannah looks like she is beating on him!!

    She is a climber for sure!

  6. I'm vertically challenged; people like us need to improvise, so I can appreciate this post!

  7. can we start a pool for when she makes her way over the baby gate?

  8. ps....has she tried to climb out of the crib yet?

  9. Thankfully she hasn't tried to climb out of her crib yet!!

  10. My Lands! She's fast!!!

    Zac has started climbing lately too! He thinks it's so fun, but it is giving me a shorter life span ~ for sure! :o)

  11. Miss D is also climbing and Mommy is getting a lot more grey hairs!

    Her expressions are delightful! She is getting to be so big.

    Keep smilin!

  12. Miss Jen just started climbing everything, everywhere last week. She's is up on top of something in seconds flat! :) That last pic is priceless!!


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