Thursday, September 09, 2010

Family Fun!

My parent’s were watching my niece and nephew a few weeks back so I invited them over for supper and a swim in Hannah’s little pool.  The 3 littles had a ton of fun together!  Hannah and Makenna are just 4 1/2 months apart in age and have gotten to know one another really well over the past month and enjoy one another’s company.Imported Photos 00011

Imported Photos 00004 Watermelon yumminess.

I’m guessing at this point the neighbours (and possibly Grandpa too) weren’t nearly so excited that we’d built the deck!  :o)

I had planned on letting the kids go for a swim but we ran out of time.  The kiddos decided the water isn’t necessary to have fun in the pool.

Imported Photos 00013 Imported Photos 00012

I’m so thankful for Hannah’s cousins and the fun times they share together.

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  1. Having fun catching up with you my friend! Lots of wonderful things going on and some super cute cuteness coming from your girl!

    I love when we are able to get together with Jenny's cousins. The relationship between cousins is always so close and wonderful.


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