Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Friends Lorraine and Adia!

I have read Lorraine's journal for a while now and followed her journey to China in January when she and her hubby met their precious baby girl Adia. Yesterday Lorraine and I hung out together and we had the very best time!

I tell you, there's nothing like meeting a China mom who still remembers all the ups, downs and in-betweens of their time in China. She also had some great tips of things to purchase that will be helpful when Hannah is home. I've searched high and low online for one of these and right now hope to buy one from the UK on eBay if the shipping isn't too high. It's a great vaccuum flask that can be used to either store warm water for formula or, store hot water and then the bottle sits in the cup to warm up in moments. Really neat!!

Lorraine picked me up at our hotel and after picking up a Tims we headed out of town to a wonderful little place called the Berry Barn. The barn is located on the banks of the Saskatoon river and we sat in a swing by the riverside for almost an hour just chatting, chatting...chatting! :o) It's like we'd known one another for years and were just getting caught up with one another's lives.

While we enjoyed our time on the swing Adia sat quietly, sifting through the diaper bag and from the looks of this picture, made plans for a shopping trip later on in the day.

We went inside for lunch and oh boy was it yummy! We both had Saskatoon Berry Lemonade to drink and delicious creamy mushroom and cheddar soup in a bread bowl. Adia chose chicken fingers and fries which were also really good. She was as good as gold as we enjoyed our lunch together.After lunch we wandered around the gift shop and knowing how much Sharon would enjoy the Berry Barn too I booked reservations for us to come back in the evening for supper.

All too soon it was time for Lorraine and I to head back into the city and go our seperate ways. Thankfully we've booked another day of fun together tomorrow! Yay!!!

Sharon really enjoyed the Berry Barn too and this time we decided to kinda skip the main course and head straight to dessert for supper! Check out these waffles! They make a waffle for each person and then you get to go to the toppings bar that has 5 kinds of fruit, 5 kinds of syrup, vanilla pudding and whipped cream. Oh baby, the calories were worth every single bite!!

Unfortunately I learned the hard way just how much damage one little Saskatoon Berry can do when it hops off your plate and rolls down your yellow sweater into your lap. Oops! After some work on it it's almost out of my sweater and I'll work on it more once home.

We visited the gift shop again and I stocked up on everything Saskatoon Berry. Mmmm...I really like the flavour as you can tell!

Lorraine and Adia brought treats for Hannah and I too! A cute little pink onesie, a beautiful handmade story book, bath salts for mommy and shampoo for baby plus a couple of neat sterilizing kits that will be great for China! Thank you Lorraine!

The word is out that we have more fun planned for tomorrow so Adia is resting up in advance. Until tomorrow my friend.....


  1. Another wonderful day! I have read Lorraine's blog for a long time and I am SO excited that you two got to meet. That Adia is too cute. So, when is it our turn?? ;-)

  2. Boy you sure know how to pack a lot of fun into one little trip!

    Sharon has it made - she works all day while you scope out the place looking for great places to take her at night - what a hoot!

    Have fun.


  3. Sounds like a great day! Sending a bug hug and hello to Lorraine and Adia!

    Keep smilin!

  4. Look at that adorable sleeping Adia!!! What a beautiful picture. Looks like you had a wonderful time with Lorraine & Adia. So were you able to get a word in??? LOL. I love being around them!!! I cant wait to see what you do on your next "date" with them!!!

    I so know what 1 Saskatoon berry can do....those give nasty stains!! Hope you can get it all out!!!

  5. my goodness you are having a great adventure. I am happy finding some Canadian content. It is lovely that you are meeting these folks and sharing. One day it will be your turn!

  6. I follow Lorraine's blog! Adia is soooo cute! It is so nice you got to meet up.

    Those waffles are insane!

  7. You always get to meet all my favorite bloggers!!!!

    Sooooo fun!

  8. Hey Catherine...I am flying to the UK on you want me to pick one of those flasks up for you? you can email me and let me know...also if you know what store I can find it in, I can get it for you!

  9. ahahah I think Catherine met her Chatter match heheheh as Kim and Channing know I can chat up a storm and I can speed chat as well hehehehehh

  10. That is so great that you get to meet all these people!! I feel so bad that poor Emily isn't hanging out with all our bloggy friends!!

    We are meeting up with some in PA.....come on down!!!!!

  11. She is just BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE her name, too! Sounds like you three totally hit it off and had a great time - but then again, when DON'T you have a great time??? :)

    BTW - I was drooling over those waffles.... simply drooling....

  12. hey Catherine,

    Thank you, for stopping by! All I can say is, you know how to have a good time my friend.


  13. I'm glad you got to meet another blogger. It's so much fun!

  14. Wonderful pictures! Such fun times! Wish we could all meet!
    Maybe in August?

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  15. Can I just make a plea against those flasks. I've seen more than one baby reach out for the bottle and knock the hot water all over the table. I saw one do this recently and she was screaming after it happened, it was a really horrible horrible experience to watch.

    Both of my daughters were happy to take their formula at room temperature, I would carry bottles full of water, and powder at the last minute and shake the bottle, it had 2 advantages, no hot water to spill, and the bottle was ready instantly, rather than sitting watching a cold bottle warming up very slowly while your baby is hungry.


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