Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hanging Out with Kim and Channing!

Kim and I met via our blogs a couple of years ago and yesterday we met in person! What fun! Add to that her adorable bundle of love Channing, beautiful sunny skies, warm temps and it was a perfect day!

I dropped Sharon off at work and headed 2 hours south to where Kim and Channing live. The drive is very straight but the prairies are pretty in themselves.

When I arrived at our meeting place Channing hopped out of the car and Kim said she wanted the first hug. I tell you there's nothing like an adorable 4yo running and jumping into your arms to make your day!!

We headed to a park and enjoyed lunch near the river. We even had a bunny...big, well fed bunny join us for lunch. Channing did her part and fed it some of her french fries. I didn't know that bunnies liked french fries but this guy knew how to pack them away. :o)

After lunch we headed back into town, wandered around some beautiful little shops and finished our day with a popsicle near the pool at Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. Our last bit of fun was feeding ducks at the park. The spa is beautiful and has a neat story for Kim and I behind it. In 2003, 2 years before I started my adoption journey for Hannah, Sharon and I stayed at the mineral spa where Kim was working! There is a good chance that she and I met before either of us started our adoptions. Cool!!

The water is heated by a natural hot spring and is piped up to the 4th floor (roof top) pool. Neat! It was beautifully warm and Channing and I dipped our toes for a couple of minutes.

Kim and Channing also brought some beautiful treats for Hannah! The 'A Prairie Alphabet' book at the top of the picture was written and illustrated buy a local artist. I had purchased a small plaque with one of her piano prints on it when I was there in 2003 and this year Kim introduced me to the artist. Neat! She also signed the alphabet book for Hannah.

This is a love ball that is from Channing's province in China.

It was so good to spend the day with you Kim and Channing! Looking forward to the next time we see one another. Hopefully next summer in Ontario ~ and I'll introduce you to Hannah!


  1. How nice to meet them. What a lot of neat stories too.

    Sienna is from Guangxi where the love balls are from also. We brought a lot of them bsck. I love the story behind them.

    Hope you continue to have a good time.

  2. What an amazing day you had! It is so nice getting to meet bloggy friends in person!

  3. What a fun day!!!! It is always wonderful to meet new bloggy friends in person :-)

  4. What a cute kid.

    When are you coming to visit me?

  5. Awesome!!! Kim was my secret pal (she sent gifts to me) and was wonderful to me and to our future daughter. Glad you got the chance to meet her and Channing too!

  6. How nice to meet them both! I have loved following Kim's story with Channing.

  7. Glad you finally got to meet...and had a great day together!
    Ava and I get to meet Channing and Kim in Ottawa this weekend...can't wait.

  8. It's great being able to meet bloggy friends. Sounds like you're having a great time!

  9. Fun times! Channing is just beautiful! Sucks that I am missing out on meeting with that dynamic duo next week when they are nearby.

    Keep smilin!

  10. so happy that you got to meet Kim and Channing, they are so special. Who knew that a bunny would like fries!!!

  11. Hey....thats me & my girl!!! Thanks so much Catherine for coming to see us again. It was such a short visit but well worth it!!! Next time I will have more energy and hopefully it will be longer!!! Channing and I both crashed at 9pm lastnight....LOL!!!

    You are going to be one SUPER, FUN, WONDERFUL MOMMY to Miss Hannah!!! Channing was still blowing bubbles today. She tell everyone they are from CATHERINE!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

    HUGS from Channing and I

  12. I heard all about your day together - sounds like you had a great time! Seems to me I have a picture of you getting your toes wet when we met last summer! Although Channing appears to have shown restraint and didn't feel the need to go all the way in for a dip!


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