Sunday, November 19, 2017

8th Referral Day Anniversary

Better late than never…

August 21st is a special day to Hannah and I as it commemorates the day I received Hannah’s referral call on Aug 21, 2009!  She was just 5 1/2 months old at referral!!

A photo montage of referral day memories followed by our referral day videos at the end.

2017 (8.5yo)2017---8.5yo

2016 (7.5yo)2016---7.5yo

2015 (6.5yo)2015---6.5yo

2014 (5.5yo)2014---5.5yo

2013 (4.5yo)2013a---4.5-yo

2012 (3.5yo)2012---3.5-yo

2011 (2.5yo)2011---2.5-yo

2010 (10mos)2010---18-months

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  1. Congratulations to you and Hannah!! I've been reading your blog since before you got Hannah. I enjoy reading about all your adventures. I've been wondering about the salsa family also, are they safe from the wild fires in CA?


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