Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cottage Time 2017 ~ Part I

July always means cottage time with the family and it’s a great time for us all to be together! 


This picture happens to show how Hannah’s teeth are moving apart as she grows and her mouth is making room for adult teeth.  Even though she’s 8 1/2 Hannah has only lost 5 teeth and there aren’t too many loose at this time.  I’m hoping all this room will mean we can skip the orthodontist later on but only time will tell.  And….Hannah still reacts to mosquito bites and with the wet spring and summer we’ve had there a mosquitoes everywhere.  Poor pet.  Her eye swelled up quite a bit even though the bite was up in her eyebrow.


IMG_5220IMG_5245 - Copy

Cottage time is always made tons more fun with the addition of golf carts!IMG_5246



Craft time at Nana and Papa’s.  Hannah’s infamous concentration face includes her bottom lip tucked in.  This is her concentration face, comfort faces and more.



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