Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gymnastics Graduation

Hannah completed another session of recreational gymnastics at our local gym and as always enjoyed her time.  I had changed her lesson to an evening class so that she could be back with Coach Alla and it was a good decision.  Alla is a great coach who pushes Hannah to do better which is something she needs.  She did so well and all of her skills progressed this term.  We’ll take the summer off and then she’ll go back in September.

Way to go Hannah!  Mommy is very proud of you!IMG_5116 - Copy

IMG_5117 - Copy

Hannah was excited to be in this session with her good friend Riley!  (I was thankful to have her Mom Melanie to visit with each Monday evening too.)  I’m thankful for the friendship Hannah and Riley continue to share even though they are in different classes at school this year.  They’ll be back together in gymnastics next September and we’re hoping at school too!IMG_5118

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