Tuesday, March 21, 2017

And the Drying Process Began…

The day after our flood, insurance confirmed our coverage shortly before 1:00 and by 2:15 I’d received an email from Arron that his team was already in the house and beginning their initial assessment of the damage.  They were revealing the subfloors so that the drying process could begin.

I can’t express what a weird feeling it was driving home not knowing what state our home would be in!  I walked in with butterflies in my stomach wondering if I’d see many changes. 

It was easy to see that in a short amount of time they had done A LOT of work!!  (They had done all of this in just 2.5 hours as they were out of my home by 4:30 to allow me to teach piano that evening.)

The first indication of changes was the rolled up rug in the garage with water leaking out of it.IMG_4513

Inside the house I noticed the missing carpeting in the hallIMG_4515

and the family roomIMG_4517

oh yes…and the fact that our ceiling in the family room and 1/2 of the kitchen was umm….missing!!  IMG_4518

Now, let’s talk about fans and dehumidifiers!  NOTE:  We need to speak LOUDLY because, take my word for it, 9 industrial fans and dehumidifiers in our tiny home sounded a bit like a small airplane was landing inside!IMG_4521

Upstairs a bit of the vinyl had been removed in the bathroom and more fans were blowing.  This is the toilet that had over flowed so I kept the water to it turned off.  Hannah added a cute sign to ensure nobody used it.  (If you look closely you can also see a small hole behind the toilet.  Much of the water went down there and into the family room ceiling.)


IMG_4571Some of the carpeting from Hannah’s room and much of the upstairs hallway had been removed to reveal subfloors for drying.IMG_4524

My final place to check out was the basement.  A fan and a dehumidifier were also humming away downstairs.  This fact will become more important in my next post. IMG_1015

So, other than our home sounding a bit like an airport

we were doing just fine!  (Video is dark as we had to wait for an electrician to check the wiring in the ceiling before we could use any of those fixtures due to the amount of water that had poured through them.)

I am thankful though that even with 9 industrial sized fans and dehumidifiers running in our home, we were able to close the bedroom door at night and sleep quite peacefully. 


  1. Catherine, I cannot even imagine. I love that you remain so clam and accepting. I am so OCD I think I would have had to go to a hotel. Hoping things are moving along. I actually turn the water off to our home when we go away

  2. Wow! What a mess! I love Hannah's little sign on the toilet! LOL! I hope that everything is dried out now and on it's way back to normal for you two.


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