Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Christmas Disney Wrap-up Day 1 ~ Travel

(Sunday, December 13, 2015)
Hannah and I were blessed to be given a trip to Disney with them by Nana and Papa.  To say we were excited and thankful is an understatement!!DSCN0687
We normally visit Florida together in November with my parents but it hadn’t worked out this year and we were all missing it.  Nana and Papa took care of that!DSCN0686
Ahhh – home again!!!DSCN0688
We settled into our home away from home and got set for our adventures!DSCN0689

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  1. I am so happy for Hannah, she is getting to visit and see places that otherwise she probably never would. It blesses my heart to just watch her, the big smile she has had since the first time i saw here. This little girl loves her family as much as they do her. Wouldnt it be wonderful if all children were loved like this. Hannah you might just be a little girl but you bring joy to me when i read your Mamma's blog. God knew exactly what your Mama needed to complete her life. My little one (grdaughter ) is 10 now, seems like i went to sleep and she changed over night.God blessed her and us, she is my life.


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