Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Celebrations 2015!

I do believe spring has finally arrived and what a blessing it was to have a long 4 day weekend to share 100% with my girl!!!  There’s nothing better than time with Hannah!

Friday morning we went to an Easter musical at our church and then went out for lunch with a friend.  After that it was time to enjoy the warmer temps and try out her scooter skills!IMG_7114

A cute little market in a neighbouring area has baby chicks to hold Easter weekend so we popped out there.  This sweet peeper was only 1 day old!  IMG_7122

Look at the glee on Hannah’s face!IMG_7120

A fun little Easter tradition that we’ve done for the past few years is that Hannah plants jelly beans on the Saturday.  This year she had some ‘Frozen’ themed jelly beans to plant.IMG_7130

Sunday morning Hannah awoke to find that not only had an all day lollipop had grown but it was a FROZEN lollipop!  SO cool!!


Colouring Easter Eggs.  I’m almost embarrassed to say this is the first time I’ve ever coloured eggs with Hannah.  I’ve had the best of intentions each year but always run out of time.  Thankfully this year she was able to colour them and had a great time doing so!IMG_0326

Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents for a family celebration.  The kids are growing up and this year there were only 3 little ones to hunt for the treats the Easter Bunny had hidden.IMG_7144

I can’t wait until we see the first signs of the grass turning green and the trees budding.  Yes it’s like straw but straw is much better than SNOW!! Smile



This is such a sweet pic of Hannah sharing an egg with Kallen.  I tell you, these 3 sure do love each other!!IMG_7140


The girls spent a long time under this table as we prepared Easter dinner.  They can colour and colour and colour!IMG_7151

We had a great dinner of ham, potatoes and all the fixings and dessert was birthday cake to celebrate Dave and Trish’s birthdays!  FullSizeRender

Unfortunately after dinner we had a mishap when my sweet girl jumped down a few stairs and badly twisted her left ankle.  I couldn’t see the kids when it happened and her cry was one so intense and different from what I’d ever heard before that I had to ask Trish who was crying!   Poor pet!


Hannah still struggles with night terrors sometimes (although they have greatly decreased in number since she was younger) and this night she had a doozy at mom and dad’s before we headed home.  I always feel so bad when she goes through these and it’s hard on all around who feel so helpless when she’s in the middle of one.  Thankfully we helped her through the other side and she was none the wiser for most of it.   I got her home and a time of sweet cuddles had her drifting back to sleep for the night.  That’s good because the Easter Bunny was on the way….


  1. I am so sorry Hannah hurt her little ankle, they hurt so bad. At least she had a wonderful Easter with her friends. My little granddaughter had the night terrors too, they broke my heart, i kept praying and asking God to please let her have peaceful sleep. It's been a long time for her, hope they do not show up again. Those little ones go through a lot, more than we could imagine. Sending hugs to Hannah, and hoping she is up and going all over with her sore foot. You are so precious, we will send up a special prayer for you.

  2. So how many baby chicks live on your patio now? Ha! The jelly bean planting is such a fun idea! Don't be too hard on yourself over the egg coloring. Marin was 2 the one and only year we did it. He's more of a plastic eggs filled with candy kinda guy anyway. Ha! Looks like you had a fun Easter! But that ankle! Yikes! Just looking at how swollen it is makes me cringe! Is it all better? I did not know Hannah has night terrors. Marin has never had one. I bet it is frightening for you. Does she remember anything about them in the morning? I hope not. Sweet girl.

    1. Thankfully she is oblivious to her night terrors in the morning. This time she woke up part way through and remembers everything after that but nothing if the first part. Her normal triggers are travel and falling asleep shortly after a lot of stimulation. I'm guessing this one was brought on by her playing hard with her cousins for a number of hours and add to that hurting her ankle and then she fell asleep within minutes of her cousins heading home. We were still at Grandma and Grandpa's so not at home and the combination of those three things were the perfect Storm to trigger a night terror for her. Poor thing! They're tough on her but of so difficult for those of us helping her through them.

  3. Glad you 2 had a wonderful Easter. I never liked coloring Easter eggs. I don't know why lol. Do you know why Hannah has nightmares?

    1. Hannah has night terrors rather than nightmares. Probably easiest to google as they're difficult to explain.


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