Saturday, March 21, 2015

Disney Cruise 2015 ~ Ship Time

(Sunday, Feb 22, 2015)

When we returned to the ship from Grand Cayman we enjoyed time doing a variety of things.

Hannah and I took some time and delivered some of our Fish Extender gifts.  (A Fish Extender (FE) is something you hang outside your stateroom door and it has pockets on it.  We signed up for a FE group on FB and there were 14 other cabins involved.  We left a couple of gifts in each of the other cabins FEs and they left gifts in ours.)

I knit dishcloths for each cabin with Mickey on them.IMG_6354

The teen to 8yo’s received a Canadian candy called Smarties.IMG_6359

Children 7 and under received crayon roll-ups that I’d made.


It took some time to prepare our gifts but it was such fun and I worked away on them for about 5 months.  My friend Norma also came over one afternoon to help out which was a lot of fun.

After we returned to the ship from Grand Cayman, Hannah and I delivered some of our gifts.IMG_6613

From there it was off to the pool for a swim before supper.IMG_6619

We took time for some character photos before supper.IMG_6632


Soon after we sat down for supper and even before eating, Hannah was asleep in my arms so Rolly pulled up a 2nd chair for her and voila, a bed was formed.  So cute!IMG_6643

She slept for well over an hour, woke up to watch the show and then was raring to go!  We went to the live show called, ‘The Golden Mickey’s’ in the Walt Disney Theatre.  It was excellent!  After that Hannah was still full of energy so I signed her in to the kids club for an hour so and then at 11pm we ordered room service as my sweet girl was hungry!IMG_6675

She polished off this macaroni and cheese and then we headed to bed.  Tomorrow was another sea day with lots to do on the ship!


  1. Ugh is all I have to say. Okay, I'll say more. I am so jealous and I LOVE the picture of her sleeping in the chair!

  2. Love, love, love hearing all about your Disney adventures on my favourite way to vacation: cruising. I can't wait to share this experience with Charlotte one day.

    Would love to make the Disney dishcloth and crayon holder--would you mind sharing the patterns?

    Hope we're able to get together for a play date once the girls get back to school and routine kicks in after March break.

    How is Hannah doing in gymnastics this term?

    1. I will do a post shortly with the patterns and information.

      We would love to have a play date! Let's chat and set something up. Looks like you had a fabulous trip too! So glad you were able to hear somewhere warm this chilly winter!

      Hannah has taken a break from gymnastics this year and is twirling baton instead. She hasn't decided which one she'll do in the fall. We'll see.

      Chat soon friend.

  3. Love the FE gifts you made! Are those Smarties the same ones that also come in a clear plastic wrapper that is held together by twisted ends? We have Smarties here and I'm pretty sure ours are Canadian made, but they don't come in a big package. Wonder if they are the same candy? Love the underwater swimming pic of Hannah!

    1. No MaLeah, our Smarties are not the ones you describe although I've had yours and they are yummy. Ours are more comparable to M&M's...without the M's and more muted in colour as they use natural products to colour them. Both are delicious!!

  4. I didn't know you could knit and sew! We'd be such good friends if we lived near each other. We have so much in common and I'd love for you to teach my girls to play the piano. Our teacher had to quit due to health issues and we've yet to find another.

  5. Love how creative you are with your gift ideas!!! They are super!!!


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