Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hannah’s First Field Trip

Thursday was an exciting day!  It was Hannah’s first field trip that included her first ride on a school bus.IMG_8114

Mommy taught Hannah how much fun it is to sit at the back of the bus!  (For the record Mommy forgot how bumpy the back of the bus is!  Surprised smile )IMG_8096

Before we left the school Hannah and M posed for a picture.  I was excited to go on the trip to see who the kiddos were that Hannah talks about at home and who she plays with.  She and Mya met the first day of school when we introduced them and they still enjoy spending time together.IMG_8093

It was a cooler than normal day and the coldest one we’ve had yet this fall but we didn’t let that deter us and we set out for a morning of fun.

When we arrived at the farm we boarded a wagon and took a chilly ride out to the pumpkin patch.  What fun that all these pumpkins were the perfect size for our pre-school kiddos!IMG_8099

I tell you, choosing the right pumpkin is a big decision!

Mommy, I found it!!IMG_8105

E is the friend Hannah talks about most often and it was fun to see them spending time together in the pumpkin patch.  Even in the video above you can hear her talking about her sweet friend E!IMG_8107

After riding back from the pumpkin patch the kiddos enjoyed some playtime and also prepared to watch a pumpkin canon.  Cool!IMG_8111 - Copy

Hannah, I was so happy to share your very first field trip opportunity with you.  Looking forward to many, many more in the future!!IMG_8109

What’s the best thing to do with a little pumpkin?  Mommy thought we’d just put it on the front porch but Hannah had a much better idea.

Give it a bathIMG_8121

and then paint it many beautiful colours.  IMG_8127

Great idea XiaoFen!!  Your pumpkin is beautiful!IMG_8132


  1. awww sweet. Those are some of the best moments. When you see your little one interacting with her peers.
    Does she still go to daycare?

  2. That looks like soooo much fun. I wish we had that here.


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